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Solo video of Dennis.



Blonds infatuate me, red-heads fascinate me, the lighter brunette’s interest me – but it’s the darker, black-haired boys that I always fall for.  From the moment I saw Dennis’ first Nitten photos I knew I was in trouble; can you fall in love with only a picture, a video or a cam show?

Dennis is, in my opinion, one of the most beautiful boys I’ve seen, and that is a bold statement if you’ve spent much time at Nitten, beautiful boys are the rule, not an exception. 

Dennis’ soulful brown eyes and somewhat serious expression make you want to hold him close and caress a smile onto those small, pouty lips.  Watching him slowly undress you realize he’s not as serious as he appears, the faux-hawk hair, spider tie and stenciled whimsical undies show just how much fun he surely is.

Dennis is HOT, dressed, he looks thin and slender but as the layers fall, his musculature is apparent, the perfect pectorals sport tasty nipples, nicely veined biceps and forearms, the sensual ridges of his abs pull your eyes to the sexiest of belly buttons and the ever so slight trail of hair below the navel leads to splendor!  Well toned calves and thighs lead you up to a shapely ass that would fit so nicely into your cupped hands. 

Spend some quality time with Dennis, enjoy his performance as much as he did, he’s sure to intrigue you, bring great pleasure and probably break your heart, as dark-haired lovelies tend to do, but risk it!


Video Runtime: 19:40 File Size: 323 MB Format: 4:3


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