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A member of 19nitten (Mike) wrote this about Egor's video:
I must admit I was slightly disappointed not to be able to savour the gradual removal of clothes, or even the sight of a beautiful boy simply being naked for our enjoyment. Instead Egor is naked as soon as he throws off the bedclothes, complete with erection. But how lovely he looks - hairless thighs soft and white, balls dark and tight, cock straight and firm, the foreskin still just managing to guard its secret. But it seems Egor can't wait to get fully naked, and as he peels his foreskin down his transformed cock, now vulnerable as well as proud, retains its beauty, the naked tip so deliciously smooth, its redness blending with the sensitive skin below.
As if to make amends for denying us an opening strip-tease, Egor stands for us - how good his tight balls look now! - and then lies on his stomach, legs open, camera in the ideal position.
But it's Egor's performance that makes this video so special. Not that it's a performance exactly, because, more than almost any other model, Egor goes into his own world - eyes tight shut, mouth open, head jerking as his body gets even more tense, his face more contorted, while, captured inside that unyielding grip and teased remorselessly by his foreskin, his cock has a hardness you can almost feel.
All this would make for a most erotic viewing, but then there's just a slight slowing down, a movement of the thumb, and .... WOW! His head jerks as if in recoil at the effort of shooting his burning arrow of pleasure. No wonder Egor has to gasp, but there's more as the exquisite agony of his spectacular climax is almost unbearably prolonged. There is something moving as well as erotic in seeing a boy before us this naked, this helpless, watching as he has to surrender so completely to his own body, its throbbing pleasures but also its exhausting demands. As we watch a boy like Egor, so fully in his own world, there seems to be an almost illicit pleasure in watching him orgasm, as if he was somehow unaware its intimate physical manifestation would have to be so public.
The gasps subside, and Egor throws his head back on the bed as his body savours the experience, the abundant evidence left all over his torso. Only after that does he return to the studio, the camera, and us. We can only gasp too at what we've witnessed, and thank Egor for allowing us to watch his private ecstasy in such intimate detail.
A classic video!



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