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Petr's Self-Video

This is a NittenVideos exclusive of sexy Petr, shot by Petr himself. It includes about 10 minutes of extra footage not seen on 19nitten's video of Petr.



Ah, Petr, he's the human version of a rare earth element presented with an abundance of distinctly young-male sexuality that almost give a new definition to the word "hot." Yes, Petr is hot, but he's also artistic, creative, and physically gifted. His clowning-around stunts require no small amount of physical ability, and how like a "boy" to fling himself into an acrobatic feat only to be reminded he forgot to empty his pockets and his loose change is flying. I don't know about you, but for me I love these splendid young Nitten Men for their flaws and foibles as much as their spectacular sexual abundance. Petr's spilled change brought a smile to my face for its very simple human element and his quick recovery.

I don't know the best way to say it, but there's a kind of artistry in Petr that I find impressive in one so young. In a bodily sense he reminds me of the poetically dangerous young Rimbaud casting himself so bold and eagerly at an amazed world. Petr's genius is in being Petr, an unalloyed ego of blistering strength. His intensity is amazing and wonderful to watch, not to mention his rock solid body with an equally impressive cock coming fully to life as if he were its creator and was animating it from clay with his hand. I give Petr full and abundant credit for doing this video. I wish there were more models willing or able to take this risk, but then, there is but one Petr so wonderful to watch, though the viewer may also be relieved he's not too close to that burning heat. Petr scorches. 

- icanoe

Video Runtime: 28:28 File Size: 521 MB Format: 4:3


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