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Solo video of Zora.




There’s no one named Zora where I live. I like the name. It’s distinctive, as is the boy. I like him, too; lanky adolescent type with a readily open and expressive face. Alone, he’s ready to strip off down to dark blue boxers before diving onto the bed for some sheet swimming. I liked that, and even more liked it when Zora swam out of his boxers to show his wonderful appendage roused and ready. That was boyishly fast; why we smile knowingly at the young. I smiled, too, when he rushed for a tube of lube. There’s no missing what’s on his mind, and there is nothing childish about his use and intent. Lube is generously used to coat penis, tummy, and is worked liberally into the eager rectum. Zora’s youthful body is classic, his manhood strong, matched by fine, full balls. Also classic is his hunger for sex, moving and driving him. I especially liked his stroking style moving from the rectum over the root and scrotum to reach the flared tip before going back for more. It’s nice to see a boy make such full love to himself. The oh-so-fine curve of his ass made me want to help as his balls pulled tight as Zora fingers deeply and his eyes close on Zora’s secret dreams. Balls compressed, the body delivers its automatic response ending Zora’s dream which leaves him smiling and his viewers gratefully in wonder.


Video Runtime: 16:10 File Size: 299 MB



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