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Solo video of Slam.



Slam is what I’d call a special Nitten boy, one with abundance of character to be either butch (the hint of moustache helps) or vulnerably unguarded. It doesn’t hurt that he’s cute, too, his face improved, I think, when his cap comes off to bare his curly head. That’s not all that gets bared. Ah, how I envy the leather sofa where Slam sheds clothes, playing inside his pretty shorts with such eager intent. This part of his foreplay, oral and manual, is real and sincere. Uncovered, his body is boyishly slim, an impression furthered by the sweet decorative briefs. What’s in the briefs isn’t boyish. Slam is armed for man size fun. There’s an edge to Slam that’s hard to define. On one hand he seems overcharged with nerves. On the other he’s over passionate, especially the long loving sequence at the mirror. His dreamy worship there is lovely and inviting. Moved to the bed, the combination of nervous energy and erotic intent flicks through passages of intent rear play; his anal passage goes beyond the usual raspberry to remind me of a ripe plum. Enough’s enough, of course. He pounds hard to get off, his balls tight as half an orange before the sudden release that leaves them loose. Whew, it must have made him hungry for sperm; a taste I approve of. And before I forget, did you like the leg tattoo? Nice isn’t it, and just like Slam.


Video Runtime: 18:43 File Size: 346 MB Format: 4:3


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