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Bolik and Jitrik

Bolik and Jitrik were two popular models on 19nitten. Here they are together.

This pair is good. Boyish, rosy cheeked Bolik pages photos of handsome males when tall dark Jitrik arrives to replace photo with reality by peeling his friend for a round of petting and massage. The shift to Bolik stripping his friend is a little awkward, but the increasing excitement is definitely real as they enjoy more massage, body play, along with caresses and warm kissing. Their interaction is playful and erotic with Bolik moving easily and happily, smiling as he fits a condom, his face glowingly flushed with excitement.

Bolik is the kind of boy who shows excitement well. His face turns into a rosy cheeked wonder of raw enjoyment as with glazing eyes he is delightfully sucked and balls licked, which turns Bolik’s face into one of the treasured moments of this video. Jitrik, who appears the more dominant of the pair, is seemingly seduced by Bolik’s gentle but none-the-less solid masculinity. On hands and knees with mouth agape Jitrik offers himself to be fingered and probed readying him for Bolik’s entry which is slow, easy, and pleasantly deep. They change  position; side-by-side and then face-to-face, in each Bolik keeps his steady erotic pace. Bolik is not a boy to hurry anyone’s pleasure, especially not his own which his nude body wears in flush-skinned glory. The climax won’t surprise you. Jerking off, Jitrik comes first, a nice load, followed a good long squirt from Bolik as his fully aflame face shows total open-mouth relief. Ah, the young, they recover so well, quick enough to say farewell with a tongue duel and a parting wave. Well done boys!


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