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Solo video of Andrei. This is a high-definition video.



I like Andrei, A-lot!  He has such a fine full face, I just want to run my hand up his neck, cup his jaw line and stare into those startlingly clear eyes – they are so beautifully expressive.  The long eyelashes, dark eyebrows and double-toned hair accentuate his slightly ‘cherubic’ cheeks.

The ‘angelic’ look changes drastically when he starts to remove his clothing, he really is nicely filled out.  He has fantastic bone structure; the muscles of his arms, shoulders and chest striate and glide under his supple skin as he runs his hands over his body.  Those thick round nipples, perched at the outside of his well formed pectorals, beg you for attention, I could spend considerable time teasing those perky points of interest.

The videographer picked a great location; Andrei’s skin tone is just a few shades off the light paneling of the sauna.  If you can pry your eyes away from his ‘unadorned’ impressive cock and big bouncy balls, you’ll notice his entire body slowly changing color as he strokes himself, he no longer blends with his environment, he pops out, darkens just a bit more and POPS!

I  watch the spent cum dribble down the side of his tight ball sack into his taint hair and think to myself “I live in a cold, snowy climate”, I should invite Andrei over to shovel my sidewalks, driveway and deck, then, hmmm …………. I really need to put in a Sauna!

And, when you can, check out Andrei’s photo-set on Nitten – He’s even SEXIER with pubes!

- Maxx

Video Runtime: 21:11 File Size: 821 MB Format: HD 720p


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